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Set Your Children Up for Success

Timing matters when it comes to visual health. The visual system goes through many changes as children develop.

An undiagnosed vision problem can lead to developmental delays. We want to ensure that children have access to regular pediatric eye exams. Let us help you ensure that your child has all the tools they need to succeed! 

At Ladera Ranch Optometry, we provide your family with eye exams in a safe and comfortable environment. We have experience when it comes to working with children and guarantee a caring experience. Book today to schedule your child’s eye exam.

Your Child’s First Eye Exam

Your child’s examination schedule will vary depending on their unique needs.


Ladera Ranch Optometry recommends that children receive their first eye exam when they’re around one year old. As babies develop, they learn to use their eyes, and several critical visual milestones must be achieved to ensure healthy eyesight.

Your toddler’s first exam will include various checks, including hand-eye coordination, tracking, depth perception, and color vision. Your doctor will also check for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and any overall eye health concerns.

Children should have another comprehensive eye exam between 3 and 5 before they start school. Vision care is essential in these formative years, as our wiliest little ones are dependent on visual skills to learn the tasks that prepare them for school. Early childhood eye exams can detect eye issues that may affect learning later in life.

Activities such as stacking blocks, coloring, drawing, and playing with locking toys can help develop visual skills. Although these tasks may seem minor or insignificant, this type of play helps improve reading and writing skills.

Our optometrists at Ladera Ranch will ensure that your child’s eyes are developing correctly and look for early signs of eye disease.

Total vision care is an essential part of ensuring your child’s success throughout the school years. Undiagnosed vision issues can significantly affect students’ educational success in this age group, often resulting in stress and fatigue. Untreated vision issues often share the same symptoms as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Comprehensive eye exams with an optometrist can help to avoid a misdiagnosis.

We strongly recommend that our young scholars undergo yearly eye exams. Ladera Ranch Optometry wants to help your children achieve their dreams of scholastic success! Allow us to welcome your family into our warm and caring environment. Our team will work with you to ensure happy and healthy eyes. Book today!

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If you’d like to play a part in protecting and preserving your child’s eyesight, we’d love to help. Please, contact our office to book an appointment today!

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